All About Bars

Katie Jean
All About Bars

No, not that bar you go take shots of tequila at. We're talking weightlifting bars, deadlift bars, Olympic bars, and more.

A bar is used to lift plates to help build muscle and endurance. Barbells are considered free weights - meaning your muscles have to work harder because you don't have a machine to help assist.

Typically, most barbells are 4-7 feet long. Barbells are great for exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. However, it can be also used for isolation exercises like the preacher curl, wrist curl, barbell curl, and lying triceps extensions.

Types of Bars

Standard bars are the most popular option and can be used for traditional power and strength exercises, such as the shoulder press and squat. When heavily loaded, they tend to bend a bit. Shop Standard Bars

Valor Fitness Deadlift BarDeadlift bars can handle heavier loads and have a longer shaft. They’re typically coated with steel for a better grip. Compared to standard barbells, they’re slightly narrower in diameter. We recommend the OB-DL Deadlift Bar.

Valor Fitness Olympic BarbellsOlympic barbells are slightly more flexible. They work best for power cleans and other dynamic exercises. Shop Our Olympic Bar Collection.

Valor Fitness Swiss Multi BarSwiss bars are a piece of equipment is perfect for rowing, pressing and other movements targeting the delts and arms. It places less strain on the shoulder joints and allows for a multitude of neutral grips. View our OB-MULTI Swiss Bar.

Valor Fitness EZ BarThe EZ bar is easier on the wrist than other types of barbells and can be used for arm exercises, such as bicep curls and skull crushers. It also allows for a wide variety of grips and feels more comfortable overall. We have two different EZ Curl Bars to pick from.

Valor Fitness HEX BarSpecialty bars make it easier to work your muscles from different angles and bust through strength plateaus. Choosing one over another depends on your anatomy, fitness level, and workout goals. Beginners, for example, may use the hex bar to improve their deadlift and prevent back injuries. View Our Specialty Bar Collection.

What is Knurling?

Knurling is a pattern of straight and crossed lines (a crosshatched pattern) on a barbell. When gripping the knurled areas on a bar, it creates friction to allow the user to have more control and a better grip.







Valor Fitness Knurling

There are three types of knurling, and each one is more or less aggressive than the other.

  1. Hill - the least amount of friction, this is optimal for practicing and not using much weight.
  2. Mountain - the standard on most bars, these have points at the top to create better friction with your hand.
  3. Volcano - the most aggressive knurling, this is optimal for powerlifters and deadlift exercises. It also has an optimal grip due to the circular/crater point which creates more surface area, and thus more grip.

Lastly, powerlifting bars typically have center knurling to provide aid in the back squat exercise during competitions.




Check out our Barbell Comparison Chart below to compare some of Valor Fitness's most popular bars:



All of our bars under one easy category! Shop for your weightlifting bar today.

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