Highlights of the 2020 Florida Grid League AS-1 Tournament

Highlights of the 2020 Florida Grid League AS-1 Tournament

The 2020 Florida GRID League As 1 Tournament - Valor Fitness

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Florida GRID League (FGL) unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 season. But while this has been met with disappointment from players, coaches, and fans, the growing league will be able to provide the excitement it has for the last several years with a double-elimination tournament condensed into a 2-day event on December 12th and 13th. The As 1 Tournament, as this unique event is called, will allow all involved to come together as a community and determine the 2020 Champion.

Florida GRID League (FGL) logo.

If you are unfamiliar with GRID, it is a co-ed team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in matches involving numerous short, fast, and exciting races. Each of the 8 teams (split evenly in a North and South conference) feature men and women competing together while showcasing each of their unique strengths within their specific role on the team. FGL teams are for-profit entities requiring leadership, coordination, and business skills to be successful on and off the GRID.

GRID is a co-ed team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in high-intensity, head-to-head matches.

Each GRID team consists of 14 players in the roles of strength specialist, bodyweight specialist, or utility player. Teams compete in regular season matches against the other teams in their conference, followed by a playoff to determine the best team in each conference who then face-off for the Championship. The Champion wins a $20,000 cash prize with the trophy and league-wide sponsorship perks.

But like any other team sport, you can’t have a team without solid management. Each team has at least one coach – who may also be a player on the team – in charge of recruiting, preparation, and in-game management. Team managers oversee operations and events, as well as league communication and compliance. Like coaches, managers can have other roles with the team as well.


The season is capped off with a Championship match to determine the best team in Florida.

Exciting movements often seen in GRID league matches include burpee backflips, l-sit rope climbs, clean & jerk ladders, and many other incredible exploits of strength and/or athleticism. This, along with the rush that comes with team competition, is exactly what keeps the fans coming back to watch highly skilled athletes.

So how talented are these GRID athletes? Well, the fact that several current and former players have been featured on NBC’s The Titan Games speaks for itself. These athletes are some of the fittest, strongest, and most athletic individuals in the world, so much so that they have taken national television by storm. But like in all sports, no one player is bigger than the team, so high-character personalities are just as important in GRID as the most individually talented players.

Robbie Rodriguez of the Fort Lauderdale Lions, winners of the 2018 FGL Season, featured on NBC’s The Titan Games.

Valor Fitness is proud and privileged to serve as the official equipment provider of FGL, as well as the host venue for matches in the Northern Conference, and is happy to continue growing with and supporting FGL by hosting this season’s As 1 Tournament. With existing and new teams participating, FGL has described this one-of-a-kind tournament as the perfect opportunity for those wanting to try coaching, owning, or competing with a GRID team for the first time.

Typically, each team only plays one match per day, except for the finals. To add to the intensity and excitement of the As 1 Tournament, teams will be required to play in 2 matches in one day! Due to the tight schedule the league has adjusted roster rules and match formats to lighten the increased workload on the athletes.

The As 1 Tournament is a one-off double-elimination tournament to bring the GRID community together and determine the 2020 season winner.

Due to COVID-19, FGL has limited the number of attendees to 20 per team, and when the viewer's team that their ticket is specified to are not playing, they will not be permitted in the building. Local safety precautions will be followed, so all staff and spectators will be required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth while in the building.

While tickets are limited this time around due to local safety precautions, FGL will have a livestream on their official website so avid followers and new fans can keep up with all the adrenaline and excitement right from the comfort and safety of their own home.

If you were not able to purchase a ticket for the As 1 Tournament, be sure to tune into the action remotely and stay up-to-date with all the latest FGL news.

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