Get the Update on Our New Retail Outlet in Lakeland, FL

Get the Update on Our New Retail Outlet in Lakeland, FL

Update on Our New Retail Outlet in Lakeland, Fl.

At the beginning of this year we announced that we were expanding with an additional building that was set to be renovated in Lakeland, FL. Conveniently located off westbound I-4 in Lakeland, this new facility will cater to the Central Florida area, allowing us to continue supporting all individuals on their personal fitness journeys with quality equipment and outstanding customer service at an affordable price.

Valor Fitness Outlet

Construction on this multi-purpose facility started January 2021 with a hopeful completion date of May 2021. Unfortunately due to our global crisis we are experiencing, access to materials has been a challenge which in turn pushed our completion date back.

At the front of the building you will find a 6,000 sq ft retail store that will be set up similarly to our Pinellas Park location. A bonus feature that the Lakeland location will have that the Pinellas Park store will no longer have is housing all of our Clearance and Return items. There will be a dedicated section of the store for these items, through the double doors.

Valor Fitness Outlet Offices

Next to the retail store will be our Lakeland offices. To start, we will not be fully staffed in our office over there but over time will add more employees as the need arises.

Valor Fitness Outlet Offices

And finally, the very multi-purpose warehouse space. This space will house merchandise, a shipping/processing area, and events on the weekends.

Valor Fitness Outlet Warehouse

To follow along with our Lakeland expansion and details about a grand opening, make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up to date on everything you need to know.

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