Honoring Veterans Day 2020 with Valor Fitness

Honoring Veterans Day 2020 with Valor Fitness

Veterans Day 2020 - Valor Fitness - Valor Fitness

Every year on November 11th, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I, America pauses to honor the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Originally known as “Armistice Day”, Veterans Day is a day for us to pay respects to all who have served in the United States Armed Forces, protecting our way of life in the process.

Many schools, banks, and businesses around the country take this special day off as a sign of respect. But while Valor Fitness continued on to support its customers and ever-growing business, we set time aside to honor our nation’s warriors.

Before close of business on this Veterans Day, many of Valor’s hard-working employees took part in a Hero WOD called “Chad” in honor of Chad Wilkinson, an active duty Navy SEAL who tragically took his own life in October 2018.

If you are unfamiliar with the Hero WODs (Workout of the Day) popular in the cross training community, they are workouts completed in tribute to a fallen first responder or service member.

This workout in Chad’s honor is simple, yet grueling.

It’s just you, a 20” box, a weighted pack…and 1,000 step ups.

Though many of us at Valor and other participants around the country modify the height of the box, the weight, or even the number of step ups, the importance of this workout is not to complete it in an expert fashion as it is written…

…the importance is the reason behind it – to honor and remember Chad and all other veterans who put their life on the line to protect our freedom, and the struggles they have gone through.

We often forget the freedoms we are privileged with in this country through our busy lives, all of which are possible due to the “valor” our veterans have possessed for generations.

Valor Fitness has always been a company that supports and gives back to the community and military, evidenced by our founder/CEO Jim Vanderbleek making 400 crosses for fallen soldiers in his own garage to show his love and gratitude toward our service members.

As a company that has the utmost respect and appreciation for our nation’s heroes, it was an honor and privilege to participate in this workout for Chad.

To learn more about Chad Wilkinson and his story, you can do so here.

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