Increase your balance with our wide range of balance accessories.


Valor Fitness RX-T2 | Med Ball Rebound Trampoline
The Valor Fitness RX-T2 Med Ball Rebound Trampoline is the perfect addition to any home or light-commercial gym in which...


Valor Fitness EQ-1 | Wooden Balance Board
Product Description The Valor Fitness EQ-1 Wood Balance Board is an ideal addition to any home gym, as well as...


Valor Fitness PR-LT | Gymnastic Parallette Bars
If you're looking for a new way to strengthen your core, enhance your balance, and improve overall performance in your...


Valor Fitness AST-27 | Aerobic Step Platform
The Valor Fitness AST-27 Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform is a lightweight, adjustable stepping platform that is a perfect addition to...


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