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Our bench press stands are built for stability. They can be used for standard bench presses, squats, and other exercises. Browse our selection now!
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Battle Proven EquipmentBench Press

BD-9, Squat Stands

Heavy Duty Squat Stands The Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands are a set of two adjustable upright stands mainly designed for squat movement, but also can function as...
$209.99 $189.00
Bench PressBench/Squat Stands

BD-8, Squat Stands

Heavy-Duty Independent Squat Stands The Valor Fitness BD-8 Independent Squat Stand Towers are a set of adjustable upright stand designed primarily for squat movement but with the ability to accommodate...
$171.93 $155.00
Bench PressBench/Squat Stands

BD-2, Bench Press Stands

Bench Press Stands for Home Gyms The Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands, designed explicitly for the Bench Press movement, requires using either a flat or incline bench as...
$195.68 $176.00
Battle Proven EquipmentBench Press

BD-17, Squat Stand Rack

Squat and Bench Press Rack for Home Gyms The Valor Fitness BD-17 Squat and Bench Press Rack is a completely adjustable squat stand that's perfect for any garage or home...
$223.23 $200.00
Bench PressBench/Squat Stands

BD-3, Squat Stands

Independent Squat Stands for at-home Strength Training The Valor Fitness BD-3 Independent Squat Stands were designed for the squat movement but can accommodate a bench for bench pressing movements with...
$167.18 $150.00
Bench PressBench/Squat Stands

BD-18, Adjustable Squat/Bench/Dip Stand Towers

Trifecta of Fitness.  Independent or Fixed Adjustable Towers using 12 Gauge Steel supports the heaviest of loads complementing your Home Fitness Equipment during Squats, Bench Press and Dip Stations. If...
$379.03 $341.00
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BF-10, Bench Press

Competition Qualtity Bench with sturdy steel uprights measuring 3" x 2". Spotter Stand Included. Max Weight Load 770 lbs
$712.48 $677.00