Cross Training Equipment

For those who love functional fitness and any athlete seeking to add some variety to their workout – this group of products is sure to help you achieve that calorie burning and muscle building workout you desire.
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AgilityCross Training

PBX-B, Wood Plyometric Box (18” x 20” x 24”)

Wooden Plyo Box The PBX-B, Wooden Plyometric Jump Box is the perfect home or box gym must-have for any athlete looking to increase the difficulty of their plyometrics training. It's...
AgilityCross Training

PBS-A, Soft Plyometric Box (20” x 24” x 30”)

Soft Plyo Box for Jumping Exercises The Valor Fitness PBS-A Soft Plyo box is a perfect addition to a home or light-commercial gym that was designed for user safety. Unlike...
AgilityCross Training

PBX-ADJ, Adjustable Plyo Box

Adjustable Plyo Box for Jump Training and Conditioning Dramatically improve your speed, agility, power, and strength with the Valor Fitness PBX-ADJ Adjustable Plyobox. Beginners and professionals alike use height adjusting...
AgilityCross Training

PBX-A, Wood Plyometric Box (20” x 24” x 30”)

Wood Plyometric Box for Jump Training Exercise The Valor Fitness PBX-A Wooden Plyo Box is perfect for all your in-home, plyometric jump training needs. The PBX-A is designed to withstand...