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RH, Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber Dumbbells for Strengthening and Toning Muscles You can't have a home gym without dumbbells! The Valor Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells are a competition grade family of dumbbells built with...
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OPPU, Polyurethane Olympic Grip Plates

Polyurethane Olympic Weight Plates The Valor Fitness OPPU Polyurethane Olympic Plates are an ideal addition to any home or commercial gym in need of long-lasting plates with a clean, professional...
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BPP, Bumper Plate Pro's

Olympic Bumper Plates for Weightlifting & Cross-Training Workouts Looking for the best bumper plates on the market? You're in luck. Valor Fitness BPP, Bumper Plate Pros are designed to withstand...
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BP, Bumper Plates

Battle Tested Bumper Plates Introducing Valor Fitness BP, Bumper Plates, the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their weight room. With strength and durability in mind, we constructed our...
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OP, Olympic Plates

Olympic Plates for Weightlifting Gym owners looking for durable Olympic plates should look no further than the Valor Fitness OP, Olympic Plates. With a thick, non-slip rubber coating, these plates...
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BPX, Bumper Plates

Rubber Bumper Plates for Olympic Weightlifting The Valor Fitness BPX Rubber Bumper Plates are perfect for any athlete in the world of Olympic weight lifting, cross training, or strength and...
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BPH, Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates

Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates The Valor Fitness BPH Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates are an ideal addition to any home, garage or box gym in need of heavy-duty rubber weight plates...
Battle Proven EquipmentBumper Plates

BPPU, Polyurethane Bumper Plates

Competition-tested Bumper Plates Our high quality bumper plates are well constructed of a polyurethane-based material to create a very durable bumper plate. These weight plates are ideal for box, garage,...
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PKB, Kettlebell (Size 10-70lb)

Premium Cast-Iron Kettlebells Kettlebells are a great tool to reach your fitness goals. Whether it be building strength or serious mass, or simply to improve your functional fitness and conditioning....
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SKB, Soft Kettlebells

Soft Kettlebells for Cross-Training Exercises The Valor Fitness SKB, Soft Kettlebells are a favorite essential for home gym owners. Ideal for burning fat and toning muscles. Kettlebells offer the ability...
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SDB, Pre-Filled Sandbag

Pre Filled Sandbag for Weight and Functional Training The Valor Fitness SDB sandbags are a great way to make your workouts more challenging. You'll have a weightlifting experience like no...
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CKB, Chrome Kettlebells

Built-Solid Chrome Kettlebells Train with the best with Chrome Kettlebells! Our Chrome Kettlebells are competition-tested, made to last, and perfect for any home or commercial gym. If you're training for...