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OPPU, Polyurethane Olympic Grip Plates

Polyurethane Olympic Weight Plates The Valor Fitness OPPU Polyurethane Olympic Plates are an ideal addition to any home or commercial gym in need of long-lasting plates with a clean, professional...
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BPP, Bumper Plate Pro's

Olympic Bumper Plates for Weightlifting & Cross-Training Workouts Looking for the best bumper plates on the market? You're in luck. Valor Fitness BPP, Bumper Plate Pros are designed to withstand...
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BP, Bumper Plates

Battle Tested Bumper Plates Introducing Valor Fitness BP, Bumper Plates, the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their weight room. With strength and durability in mind, we constructed our...
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OP, Olympic Plates

Olympic Plates for Weightlifting Gym owners looking for durable Olympic plates should look no further than the Valor Fitness OP, Olympic Plates. With a thick, non-slip rubber coating, these plates...
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BPX, Bumper Plates

Rubber Bumper Plates for Olympic Weightlifting The Valor Fitness BPX Rubber Bumper Plates are perfect for any athlete in the world of Olympic weight lifting, cross training, or strength and...
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BPH, Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates

Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates The Valor Fitness BPH Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates are an ideal addition to any home, garage or box gym in need of heavy-duty rubber weight plates...
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BPPU, Polyurethane Bumper Plates

Competition-tested Bumper Plates Our high quality bumper plates are well constructed of a polyurethane-based material to create a very durable bumper plate. These weight plates are ideal for box, garage,...
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BPKG-CP, KG Change Plates

Kilogram Change Plates for Incremental Weight Increases The Valor Fitness BPKG-CP Change Plates are a unique set of change plates with a poly urethane base material to create a stronger,...
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BPM, KG Training Bumper Plates

KG Training Bumper Plates Match the intensity of your training with the no-nonsense look of the Valor Fitness BPM Kilogram Bumper Plates, a series of heavy-duty bumper plates that will...
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BPKG, KG Bumper Plates

KG Bumper Plates for Olympic Weightlifting Need to get stronger? The Valor Fitness BPKG, Kilogram (KG) Polyurethane Bumper Plates for Olympic Weightlifting are perfect for weightlifters. They're color-coded to meet...
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OPSC, Steel Calibrated Plates

Steel Calibrated Weight Plates Build strength with the Valor Fitness OPSC Plates. Ideal for use in competitive powerlifting. Whether for box, garage, light-commercial gym, or competition use, the OPSC Steel...
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BP-TF, Foam Training Bumper Plates

Styrofoam Training Bumper Plates Train new lifters, using foam bumper plates. Foam bumper plates allow lifters to safely learn and improve their weightlifting form and technique. Ideal for gyms of...