Jump Rope

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SR, Speed Rope (Red or Black)

Adjustable Speed Rope Whether you need a tool for your next WOD, training for boxing, or you just need to get your heart rate up with some rope skipping, you...

SR-2A, Adjustable Speed Rope (2.5mm Cable)

Adjustable Speed Rope Jump into fitness with the SR-2A Adjustable Speed Rope. Jumping rope is a great exercise for any athlete looking to improve strength, endurance, and coordination. Speed ropes...
ConditioningCross Training

HR-1.5, Heavy Jump Rope (1.5")

Weighted Heavy Jump Rope The Valor Fitness HR-1.5, Heavy Jump Rope is a versatile conditioning tool. It delivers a full body workout. Best of all it is portable and can...
$40.83 $32.66

SR-4A, Adjustable Speed Rope (4mm Cable)

Adjustable Speed Rope Excercise cardio anywhere with the Valor Fitness SR Adjustable Speed Rope. The SR-4A Speed Rope is a great tool for any athlete looking to improve strength, endurance,...
ConditioningCross Training

HR-2.0, Heavy Jump Rope (2.0")

Weighted Heavy Jump Rope. Get better results than ordinary jump rope while, improving strength and building muscle. Heavy jump rope is an ideal cardio tool that offers a total body...
$50.33 $40.26
ConditioningCross Training

KIT-KB1, Home Gym Kettlebell Kit

The Essential Home Gym Kit This Valor Fitness Home Gym Kit is the perfect bundle for those who want a great workout with limited equipment! Combine strength training, mobility and...

TR-BLK-1, Adjustable Speed Rope

Adjustable Speed Rope The Valor Fitness TR-BLK-1 Adjustable Speed Rope is the perfect fitness accessory. Whether you're into cardio or strength training, the TR-BLK-1 Speed Rope will help you stay...
$18.98 $11.39

KIT-1, Home Gym Bundle

The Ultimate Home Gym Bundle for Conditioning. The Valor Fitness KIT-1 Home Gym Bundle includes the AST-27 Aerobic Step Platform, the EA-10 Ankle/Wrist Weights, and the SR-2A Adjustable Speed Rope....