Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar
Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar
Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar
Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar
Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar
Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar


Valor Fitness OB-72T, Training/Technique Bar

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Are you a beginner looking to improve your weightlifting technique? Or a coach that wishes to properly train your newest athletes with a bar that suits their skill level? Those that are new to weightlifting and the many complex movements involved in weight training can often struggle to properly learn those movements if they are using a barbell that isn’t right for them. Get a Training and Technique Bar Today!

OB-72T Training and Technique Bar Features & Benefits:

  • TRAINING BARBELL: The OB-72T is the perfect training barbell for beginners and kids learning new weight lifting movements before advancing to a heavier Olympic bar. Max load of 100 lb, but once 60 lb is reached we recommend switching to a steel barbell.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT BAR: 6.8kg/15 lb barbell with 34k PSI tensile strength ensures kids and new weight lifters start with a bar that suits them! Because this technique bar is constructed of aluminum, it should only accommodate training with light weights.
  • ETCHED SLEEVES: Features 9" sleeves with fine grooves for better grip on weight plates during technique training. Ensures a safe and efficient training session for the athlete and coach during barbell training programs!
  • KNURLED: This technique bar has a passive, light knurl with dual knurl-free guide marks to ensure a strong, firm grip on the barbell during technique training. This simulates the feel of a steel Olympic barbell for an easy transition! No center knurl.
  • ADDITIONAL: This training barbell should not be used for max effort lifts - the OB-72T Technique Barbell should only be used for training purposes for kids and new athletes at lighter weight. 28mm diameter, measuring 72" in total length.

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The idea behind the Valor Fitness OB-72T Technique Bar is to let new athletes learn the basics of weightlifting with a bar that is light enough so they can develop these skills in the most effective way possible. Weighing 6.8 kg (15 lb) with a 34,000 PSI tensile strength, the OB-72T is the perfect bar to ensure beginners start on the right foot with their weightlifting technique training.

Featuring sleeves with fine grooves, users can be sure that plates will not slide during their technique training. The standard knurling with dual knurl-free guide marks ensure athletes have a firm grip on the bar. The Technique Bar is 28 mm in diameter, measuring 72” in total length with 9” of loadable sleeve length on each side. The max load for this unit is 100 lb, although it is recommended that the user switch from the aluminum OB-72T Technique Bar to a standard Olympic barbell to avoid any unnecessary bend or other damage.

Please note that this bar should not be used during max effort lifts. Perfect for use with the Valor Fitness BP-TF Foam Training Bumper Plates. The OB-72T is perfect for new weightlifters in their home gym or in box and light-commercial gym settings where many new clients may need to sharpen their technique before moving to heavier barbells.


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