Valor Fitness BPM, KG Training Bumper Plates

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Match the intensity of your training with the no-nonsense look of the Valor Fitness BPM Kilogram Bumper Plates, a series of heavy-duty bumper plates that will take your Olympic weightlifting preparation to the next level while upgrading the appearance of your entire gym.

BPM-KG Training Bumper Plates Features & Benefits:

  • WEIGHTLIFTING ESSENTIALS: Whether you're training for your next competition or working on technique, these training bumper plates are a must have for your home gym or strength training facility so you can practice your Olympic weightlifting skills effectively and efficiently.
  • SAFELY DROP YOUR BAR WITH CONFIDENCE: These bumper plates feature a low bounce to avoid any unnecessary danger or damage. Constructed of heavy-duty rubber, these weight plates can be dropped from the hip, front rack, or overhead positions even in tight spaces. Whether you have a platform, weightlifting mats, jerk blocks, or crash pads, the low bounce feature will protect you, your plates, and your barbell.
  • TRAIN ACCURATELY: Units listed in kilograms (KG) to meet Olympic weightlifting standards, so you can precisely load the bar between sets and effectively train for your next competition with accurate weights. Each plate features slightly raised, black-on-black font for a sharp look that is sure to turn heads in your gym.
  • DURABLE STEEL INSERT: The 2" steel ring accommodates Olympic barbell sleeves for a seamless transition when loading and unloading plates between sets. This insert was designed and machined to withstand constant use, abuse, and dropping in the most intense weightlifting environments.
  • RAISED LIP: An edge around the perimeter of the plate makes it easier to lift off the floor and remove from sleeves or storage pegs, keeping your workout hassle-free. A raised rubber surface around the center steel insert prevents metal-to-metal contact, maintaining the integrity and prolonging the life of each plate.
  • DISCLAIMER: Although these plates are built strong, the BPM-5 plates cannot be dropped when they are on the barbell alone. This is due to the thickness of that particular size plate and it not being able to withstand the amount of force being applied to them when dropped.

Please check the chart below for how many plates are included for each weight:


# of Plates

5kg (2) 5 KG plates
10kg (2) 10 KG plates
15kg (1) 15 KG plate
20kg (1) 20 KG plate
25kg (1) 25 KG plate
70 KG Set (2) 5 KG plates, (2) 10 KG plates, and (2) 20 KG plates
120 KG Set (2) 15 KG plates, (2) 20 KG plates, and (2) 25 KG plates
150 KG Set (2) 5 KG plates, (2) 10 KG plates, (2) 15 KG plates, (2) 20 KG plates, and (2) 25 KG plates

BPM, KG Training Bumper Plates - Bounce Test


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
BPM-5 5KG Bumper Plates (2)
19 19 2
BPM-10 10KG Bumper plates (2) 45
19 19 3
BPM-15 15KG Bumper Plate (1) 35 19 19 3
BPM-20 20KG Bumper Plate (1) 45 19 18 4
BPM-25 25KG Bumper Plate (1) 55 19 19 4

The BPM-5 (5 kg) is NOT designed or intended to be dropped on the bar without additional weight. To ensure no damage is caused, the 5 kg plate should gently be returned to the starting position if no additional weight is used. Using at least a 10 kg plate in conjunction with the 5 kg plate will not cause damage to these plates.


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