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Rubber Bumper Plates for Olympic Weightlifting

The Valor Fitness BPX Rubber Bumper Plates are perfect for any athlete in the world of Olympic weight lifting, cross training, or strength and conditioning. Available in 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55 lbs and easily identified by color-coding, these heavy-duty bumper plates are made of a synthetic rubber with a gloss textured finish to balance strength and a sharp look in your home, light-commercial, or even box gym.

Features and Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY: These bumper plates are constructed of synthetic rubber for both strength and a sharp look and feature several inches of rubber that cover a centralized stainless-steel disk to ensure the stability and longevity of the weight plates.
  • TESTED AND PROVEN: Our bumper weight plates are placed under the destroy test that puts the plates in realistic, routine conditions to confirm the quality of the plate, so you know they won't fail you during WOD's or personal best lifts!
  • STEEL CENTER HUB: Each plate features a chrome-plated steel center hub, much stronger than the simple steel insert you see on many other bumper plates! Built to fit 2" Olympic barbell sleeves, this feature protects both your weights and your bars.
  • THINNER BUMPER PLATES: Most bumper plates take up a lot of room on your barbell, but not these! Though just as strong, these bumper plates are less thick than most so you can fit more weight on your bar, put your strength to the test and hit your next PR!
  • ADDITIONAL: Each plate has a 17.5" diameter. Multiple colors to easily find the weight you wish to use. Meant for home, light-commercial, and box gym use. Warranty, 2-year.
  • DISCLAIMER: Although these plates are built strong, the BPX-10 and BPX-15 plates cannot be dropped when they are on the barbell alone. This is due to the thickness of that particular size plate and it not being able to withstand the amount of force being applied to them when dropped.

Please check the chart below for how many plates are included for each weight:


# of Plates

10 lb (4) 10 lb plates
15 lb (2) 15lb plates
25 lb (2) 25 lb plates
35 lb (1) 35 lb plate
45 lb (1) 45 lb plate
55 lb (1) 55lb plate
120 lb Set (4) 10 lb plates, (2) 15 lb plates, and (2) 25 lb plates
180 lb Set (4) 10 lb plates, (2) 25 lb plates, and (2) 45 lb plates
210 lb Set (2) 25 lb plates, (2) 35 lb plates, and (2) 45 lb plates
250 lb Set (4) 10 lb plates, (2) 25 lb plates, (2) 35 lb plates, and (2) 45 lb plates
270 lb Set (4) 10 lb plates, (2) 25 lb plates, and (4) 45 lb plates
280 lb Set (4) 10 lb plates, (2) 15 lb plates, (2) 25 lb plates, (2) 35 lb plates, and (2) 45 lb plates
370 lb Set (4) 10 lb plates, (2) 15 lb plates, (2) 25 lb plates, (2) 35 lb plates, and (4) 45 lb plates
390 lb Set (4) 10lb plates, (2)15 lb plates, (2) 25 lb plates, (2) 35 lb plates, (2) 45 lb plates, and (2) 55 lb plates

Valor Fitness BPX, Bumper Plate X - Bounce Test


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
BPX-10 10lb XBumper Plates (4) 40 19 19 4
BPX-15 15lb XBumper plates (2) 30 19 19 4
BPX-25 25lb XBumper Plates (2) 50 19 19 4
BPX-35 35lb XBumper Plate (1) 35 19 19 4
BPX-45 45lb XBumper Plate (1) 45 19 19 4
BPX-55 55lb XBumper Plate (1)  56 19 19 3

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Ask a Question
  • What is the width of the 25lb plates?

    The BPX-25 (25 lb plates) are 1.5" thick each.

  • Are the Bumper X plates similar as the Polyurethane with the feature of being raised on the outer edge of the steel insert, as well as on the edge of the plate to prevent any direct metal-to-metal contact? Also does the Bumper X have the Raised lettering and numbers like the Polyurethane? Lastly Ive heard a lot of the rubber plates have a smell that takes a long time to go away, is that the case with this style as well? Thank you

    Thanks for your questions!

    The BPX and Poly plates both share the feature of being raised on the outer edge of the steel insert, as well as the edge to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

    The BPX does not have raised lettering and numbers. The polyurethane plates do have raised lettering and numbers.

    Due to the rubber construction, these weight plates have a slight scent that will fade over a short period of time.

  • What is the width of the 45lb and 55lb plates?

    The BPX-45 45lb Bumper Plate X has a diameter of 17.625", and is 2" thick.

    The BPX-55 55lb Bumper Plate X has a diameter of 17.625", and is 2.5" thick.

  • how large is the center hole

    Our barbells are standard built to fit 2" Olympic sleeves, meaning the center hole is 2".

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