Pull-Up Bars

Find competitively priced pull-up bars for sale at unbeatable prices. Develop your back, arms, and grip strength with the pull-up bar that fits your needs and meets your space concerns.
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CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar

Multi Grip Chin up and Pull up Bar The Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin-Up Bar/Pull-Up Bar is the perfect addition to your home gym if you are looking for...
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CHN-Multi, Multi Grip Wall/Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

Multi Grip Pull Up Bar The Valor Fitness Multi Mount Pull Up Bar is perfect addition to a garage or home gym. The CHN-Multi has been constructed from heavy-duty Steel...
Battle Proven EquipmentItems in Stock

BD-57, Pull-Up/Squat Rack

Half Rack with Pull-up Bar You deserve the best when it comes to your workout and your home gym. If you're looking for a pull-up bar with a weight capacity...
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CHN-3, Straight Bar Chin Up Bar

Straight Chin Up Bar for Home Gyms The Valor Fitness CHN-3, Wall Mounted Straight Pull Up/Chin Up Bar is ideal for saving space and can be lined up side-by-side for...
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CA-16, Vertical Knee Raise

Vertical Knee Raise with Dip and Pull-Up Station. The CA-16 Vertical Knee Raise Power Tower(VKR) is the perfect piece of home gym equipment to add to your bodyweight workout regimen....
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CHN-6, Six-Grip Wall/Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar for Wall and Ceiling The Valor Fitness Wall and Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar is perfect addition to a home gym. The CHN-6 has been constructed from...
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RG-16, Flying Pull-Up Bar

Flying Pull Up Bar for Valor RIGs If you are looking to customize your Valor Fitness RIG, then the RG-16 Flying Pull-Up Bar is the perfect addition! Constructed of 11-gauge...