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CHN-6, Six-Grip Wall/Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar for Wall and Ceiling The Valor Fitness Wall and Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar is perfect addition to a home gym. The CHN-6 has been constructed from...
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OB-FW, Farmers Walk Handles

Farmers Walk Handles The Valor Fitness OB-FW, Farmers Walk Handles are used for one of the most demanding expeditions of strength. Typically seen in Strongman competitions and box gym events,...
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OB-AXL, Axle Barbell

Axle Bar for Strongman Training If you're an athlete or coach who loves strength training and the sport of strongman, or a casual lifter seeking to shake up your weightlifting...
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EH-18, Adjustable 18lb Weight Vest

Adjustable 18 lb Weight Vest. The Valor Fitness EH-18, Adjustable 18 lb Weight Vest is the perfect accessory to use whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, or...
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Adjustable Weight Vest

Adjustable Weight Vest for Endurance and Strength Training The Valor Fitness Adjustable Weight Vest is a great option for athletes looking to boost their fat burn, increase muscle and bone...
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LC-1, Lifting Chain Collars

Barbell Collars for Weightlifting Chain The Valor Fitness LC-1 Lifting Chain Collars for Olympic Barbells are designed to securely grip the bar and to hold weights in place to prevent...
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ED-19, Wall Mount Hook Bracket

Wall Mount Hook Bracket Looking for a better way to use your favorite fitness straps, bands, and ropes in your home or garage gym when a pull-up bar and door...
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OB-80W-RNBW, Rainbow Titanium Needle Bearing Women's Barbell

Rainbow Women's Barbell The Valor Fitness OB-80W-RNBW Women’s Rainbow Titanium Needle Bearing Olympic Bar is fully coated in a vibrant rainbow finish. Despite its unique look, it specializes in durability and performance....
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ES-H, Attachable Sled Harness

Sled Harness for Conditioning Exercises Double strap carabiner design to accommodates all sled designs to attach to Valor Fitness products or to your own equipment. 1-year warranty. Features and Benefits:...
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CC-70, Leg Press Hack Squat Combo Machine

Plate-Loaded Leg Press Hack Squat Combo The CC-70, Leg Press Hack Squat Combo is a plate-loaded machine ideal for building powerful legs. The Hack Squat Leg Press Machine is a...
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BF-60, Competition Bench

BF-60, International (IPF Rated) Competition Safety Spotter Bench 1000lb Safe Load Capacity offering 7 J-Hook Positions supporting a 14” Adjustment Range along with 4 Band Pegs.
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BF-7B200, Olympic Bench Bundle w/ Barbell & Olympic Plates

Weight Bench with Weight and Bar Home-Gym Set The Valor Fitness BF-7 Olympic Bench Bundle with Spotter Stand is a heavy-duty bench featuring a tripod design that provides added stability...