BD-7 More Info

A key component of this unit is the Lat Pull Down station included at the rear of the unit. With this feature of the BD-7, users can use the 38” lat pull bar at the top to perform lat pull down exercises as well as the 20” accessory pull down bar at the bottom to perform cable curls and cable rows. This feature will add more versatility to your workout regimen with a cable that travels 60”. The lap bar is included to secure the user in place (if they slide a bench in the frame) while performing lat pull down exercises.

The 4 adjustable bar catchers are there for you to rack and unrack your bar, making this unit a great station to perform squats and even bench presses. The solid steel chrome safety bars on each side are there in the event the lift cannot be completed. With 27 variable positions for bar support, ranging in height from 17.5” to 68”, users can easily adjust the bar catchers or safety bars to the perfect height for them. The vibrant numbering system helps you easily identify each position and adjust the bar catchers and safety bars where you need.

The BD-7 also has the added benefit of 4 storage pegs at the rear of the unit, so users can easily store weight plates and keep them from laying around the floor. Provided a clean and organized gym setting, each storage peg measures 8” in length with a 1” diameter to accommodate both 1” standard plates and 2” Olympic plates – for a more snug and secure fit for the 2” Olympic plates, users can add an EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve that converts 1” standard storage pegs to 2” Olympic storage pegs (sold separately). The EX-10 can also be used for the carriage on the Lat Pull Down Station.