BH-26 More Info

The BH-26 comes as a pair of 2-peg plate storage racks with chrome plated solid steel weight storage pegs measuring 15.5" each. The possibilities with the incredibly versatile BH-26 are endless! You can mount them together to create 1 solid 4-peg rack, or mount them separately (vertically or horizontally) by stacking them on top of one another, next to each other, staggered, or even in completely separate areas of the gym!

These strong and durable weight plate holders can store up to a total 880 lb worth of bumper plates or Olympic plates - each individual plate storage peg can handle up to 220 lb (440 per rack), but the weight you can fit may vary depending on the thickness of your bumper plates or Olympic plates. The BH-26 Olympic Bumper Plate Holder will mount directly to the wall, with 5 mounting positions on the frame of each rack - 1 between each weight holder, and 1 in each corner of the rack (mounting hardware included).

With each individual unit measuring only 16" x 6" x 27", the Valor Fitness BH-26 4-Peg Wall Mounted Plate Storage Rack is the answer for any gym that needs to save space and organize all of their bumper plates and Olympic weight plates.