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Constructed of a condensed, recycled crumb rubber, the BPH bumper plates will withstand the toughest of conditions - they will have less of an impact to the floor than steel plates, while being able to last on harder outdoor surfaces such as gravel, making these the perfect set of bumper plates for workouts in your driveway.

Whether used for cross training, strength and conditioning, or weight lifting, the rugged and rough finish of these bumper weights ensure they will maintain maximum performance in intense conditions - our bumper plates are placed under the destroy test that puts the plates in realistic, routine conditions to verify the strength, durability, and quality of the plate.

The 10 lb and 15 lb plates (BPH-10 and BPH-15) are NOT meant to be dropped on their own without adding additional weight to the bar. Using at least a 25 lb plate (BPH-25) in conjunction with 10 and 15 lb plates will not cause damage.