CB-29 More Info

The Valor Fitness CB-29 Adjustable Glute and Ham Developer (GHD) is a standout unit. If you are looking for peak muscle recruitment of your glutes, hamstrings, and core then the CB-29 is the unit for you. It allows athletes to strengthen the gluteus and hamstrings to meet the functional requirements of a variety of sports.

Built for strength and durability, the CB-29 is constructed of a 2” x 2” solid steel frame with angled support bars to prevent moving or shaking during use. Rubber stoppers add more stability, while also preventing floor damage. The dual layered padding will withstand stress during workouts. The 2” thick knee platform supports the body while in a kneeling position before and after exercise, while the 8” thick thigh cushion keeps you comfortable during use.

The padded ankle rollers and steel foot plate keep the user secure while performing back extensions or sit-ups, while the 4.75” long grip handles on each side of the thigh pad provide extra assistance if needed. With 6 horizontal and 4 vertical positions, the CB-29 can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user. The 2 band pegs near the front of the unit give the user the option to add extra resistance to increase the intensity of their workout. 2 grip handles on the front of the unit and the 2 wheels on the back allow the user to easily transport the CB-29 in their home or light-commercial gym, further adding to its functionality.