DD-40 More Info

Constructed of solid, 12-gauge steel with a matte black powder coat finish, the DD-40 has 7 adjustment positions including -20, 0, 20, 35, 45, 60, and 80 degrees for users to perform a wide range of exercises in either flat, incline, or decline positions such as bench presses, chest flies, shoulder presses, and even ab crunches. To adjust the position, simply raise the 37.5” x 11.5” back pad and adjust steel catch into any of the positions on the chrome plated sawtooth slots.

With the 4 additional seat adjustment positions, users can find the exact position that works for them to find the most stable position, especially in the incline position to prevent sliding down or off the bench – the seat is adjusted using a popper pin.

The 2.5” thick dual layered padding is durable enough to withstand intense workouts under pressure. The thicker padding at the end of the seat allows for more comfort behind the knees, while the padded ankle rollers keep the legs in place during decline exercises.

Featuring a non-slip grip handle and nylon wheels to easily maneuver around your gym to your preferred location, the Valor Fitness DD-40 can handle up to 1,000 lb.