ED-18 More Info

The Valor Fitness ED-18 Set of 5 Conditioning Bands provides a resistance variety. Set comes with 1 extra-light resistance band (yellow), 1 light resistance band (green), 1 medium resistance band (red), 1 heavy resistance band (blue), and 1 extra-heavy resistance band (black). Different band levels will give you a better workout by allowing you to gradually work your way up to tougher bands as muscles become toned and stronger. Allows the option to stack the bands to make the exercise extra-challenging.

Purchase includes: 2 handles that clip on to bands to perform a variety of exercises that engage the core and upper body. 2 ankle straps to tone and strengthen the lower body. 1 door anchor that closes inside of a door to keep bands secure while exercising. 1 storage bag for portability.

5 bands options, the ability to combine bands, and included accessories make the ED-18 highly versatile. Bands can be attached in different positions (low, high, or chest level) depending on which part of the body the user wants to focus on. Exercises include shoulder presses, arm curls, chest press, rows, kickbacks, ankle raises, wood choppers, lateral raises, ab crunches, side bends, and many more.

Features metal clipping system on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps. This will also let you combine bands to make a heavier resistance band to use.