PBX-ADJ More Info

Dramatically improve your speed, agility, power, and strength with the Valor Fitness PBX-ADJ Adjustable Plyobox. Beginners and professionals alike use height adjusting boxes for explosive jumping skills, increasing cardiovascular health, and promoting muscular growth and endurance.

Constructed of sturdy steel for strength and durability, the PBX-ADJ has a non-slip, strong grip rubber surface at the top to ensure stability during workouts – this surface measures 19.75” x 23.75”. This product has 5 adjustable height positions, making it perfect for home or light-commercial gyms with multiple users of varying skill levels. Height variations range from 18” to 31”, and is easily adjusted with its secure locking mechanism of 2 popper-pins and 2 steel rod safety pins to lock each leg in place and ensure it will not move or drop during use.

The PBX-ADJ can be used for box jumps, step-ups, box squats, and many other muscle building and fat burning exercises. Can be used in conjunction with dumbbells or a barbell to add further intensity to various workouts.