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Constructed with 16 individual 1.25” high-impact rubber floor mats, 4 bamboo lined boards, and enclosed in a secure metal frame, this platform is built to withstand heavy professional lifts, such as the deadlift, as well as the Olympic weightlifting movements. Not only will each individual floor mat/pad insert protect your gym floor, but they will also serve to lessen the sound in your home or garage gym and absorb the weight when landing on the platform.

Working in tandem with the rubber floor tiles, the strong bamboo board inserts provide you with the firm footing you need during lifts to ensure safety in your workout. Also featuring a transition plate for safely stepping on and off the platform, there are also corner plates in each corner of the platform for additional stability.

Measuring a total footprint of 81.5" x 101", the Valor Fitness PTFM-1 Olympic Weightlifting and Deadlift Platform provides you with the protective rubber gym flooring and firm surface that you need in your home or garage gym!