SR-2A More Info

This speed rope is constructed with a non-kinking cable that can be adjusted to perfectly meet the needs of the user. To adjust the length, loosen the bolt near the handle with a screwdriver and take off the cap of the knob. Pull the cable until you find the desired length and then cut off the excess length of the cable. Reinstall the cap and tighten the bolt back on to utilize the adjusted Speed Rope.

The stainless-steel ball bearings provide fast and easy spinning during intense workouts, while the anti-slip handles ensure the perfect grip.

This basic but effective conditioning training tool is available in 2.5mm and 4mm thickness. The SR-2A 2.5mm Adjustable Speed Rope has quicker spin due to the thin cable and is 12ft long, while the SR-4A 4mm Adjustable Speed Rope has more resistance with its thicker cable and is 9ft long.