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Whether you need a tool for your next WOD, training for boxing, or you just need to get your heart rate up with some rope skipping, you need a speed rope made just for you! The Valor Fitness Adjustable Speed Ropes feature a 12ft cable that can seamlessly be adjusted to fit your needs based on your height and skill level. Our speed ropes, available with a red or black rubber coated cable, are much smoother than your average jump rope.

To adjust the cable, simply stand in the center of the rope with both feet and pull the handles toward your shoulders - you will then want to trim the rope where it just about meets your armpit if you are new to training with a speed rope, and shorter if you are more experienced. Both the SR-1R (red cable) and SR-1B (black cable) also feature metal handles with a knurled surface - every second counts whether you're in the middle of an intense WOD or you're simply looking for a good cardio stimulus, so it's important you have a strong, firm grip on your rope to avoid any hiccups in your training.