VB-BR-1 More Info

Constructed of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability, the bag station can hold a punching bag as heavy as 150lb. The tripod base ensures that the stand is stable, with the option to bolt the unit to the ground for further stability.

The storage pegs, when utilized by storing standard or Olympic plates, can add more stability whether the unit is bolted to the ground or not. The main purpose of the storage pegs, however, is to keep your home gym clean and organized with a place to store your plates with a peg on both sides of the bag station and 1 in the back underneath the speed bag station. Loops on the base also allow the user to connect bands to a heavy bag or on the speed bag side for a double-end striking bag.

The VB-BR-1 Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand is the perfect addition to your home gym and works well with our VB-APB-42 Adjustable Heavy Punching Bag and CA-12 Boxing Speed Bag (both sold separately).


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
VB-BR-1 Punching Bag Stand 75 55 28 8 56x60x89.5