Bumper Plates - Valor Fitness BP
Bumper Plates - Valor Fitness BP
Bumper Plates - Valor Fitness BP
Bumper Plates - Valor Fitness BP


Valor Fitness BP | Bumper Plates

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Bumper Plates - BP

Constructed of a crude rubber mixture for strength and durability, the Valor Fitness BP Bumper Plates are ideal for studios, gyms, and boxes looking for a bumper plate that will withstand punishment, provide safety, and save damage to gym flooring.

  • HEAVY DUTY: These simple yet effective bumper plates are constructed of a high-quality rubber mixture for strength and durability that can withstand constant lifting during high or low repetition workouts and prevent damage to gym floors.


  • LOW BOUNCE: Our rubber bumper plates feature a low bounce to ensure your safety! Preserving both your plates and barbell, this is an ideal trait for all types of workouts, including cross-training, strength training, and Olympic weight lifting!


  • STEEL INSERT: The 2" stainless steel insert at the center of these rubber bumper weights accommodate Olympic barbell sleeves for a seamless transition when loading and unloading your barbell and preventing damage to both the bumper plate and the barbell.


  • VIBRANT FONT: Visible branding and clear weight listed in pounds allow you to easily identify the weight during your workouts and in between sets, allowing you to have a more efficient workout without scrambling for the right weights!


  • ADDITIONAL: Please check photos for how many plates you receive upon purchase. Meant for home, light-commercial, and box gym use. Warranty, 2-year.


  • DISCLAIMER: Although these plates are built strong, the BP-10 and BP-15 plates cannot be dropped when they are on the barbell alone. This is due to the thickness of that particular size plate and it not being able to withstand the amount of force being applied to them when dropped.

Please check the chart below for how many plates are included for each weight:


# of Plates

10 lb 4 plates
15 lb 2 plates
25 lb 2 plates
35 lb 1 plate
45 lb 1 plate
55 lb 1 plate



SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
BP-10 10lb Bumper Plates (4) 40 19 19 4
BP-15 15lb Bumper plates (2) 30 19 19 4
BP-25 25lb Bumper Plates (2) 50 19 19 4
BP-35 35lb Bumper Plate (1) 35 19 19 3
BP-45 45lb Bumper Plate (1) 45 19 19 3
BP-55 55lb Bumper Plate (1)  55 19 19 4

These bumper plates feature a low bounce to ensure safety to users, making these ideal for cross training, strength and conditioning, and other training programs involving high repetition volume.

The BP-10 (10 lb) and BP-15 (15 lb) are NOT designed or intended to be dropped on the bar without adding additional weight. However, using the BP-25 (25 lb) in conjunction with either the BP-10 or BP-15 will prevent damage from occurring to lighter bumper plates.

Note: due to the rubber construction, these weight plates may have a distinct scent that will fade over time - some may be more sensitive to the scent than others. If you are experiencing this scent, you can wash these plates with any hand or dish soap and water until it dissipates.

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