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Valor Fitness RG-16 | Flying Pull-Up Bar

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  • HEAVY DUTY- Constructed of 11-gauge steel with a matte black powder coat finish that holds chalk well and helps users maintain a firm grip during use.
  • INCLINING PULL UP BARS- Includes 4 evenly spaced inclining pull-up bars which are secured between 2 beams at a 45-degree angle.
  • GREATER DEMAND- Creates a challenging pull-up ladder for even the most conditioned athletes by putting more demand on muscles while developing explosive power, hand-eye coordination, and strength.
  • VERSATILE- Users can progress with kipping pull-ups or become more explosive with their pull-ups by using the unit as an incline monkey bar.
  • ADDITIONAL- Extends 31” horizontally from RIG. Meant specifically for use with Valor Fitness RIGs. All Valor Fitness accessories and attachments are meant for use with Valor Fitness products only.


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