Planking - The Best Ab Exercise

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How to Do the Plank Exercise Correctly & Why It's One of the Best Ab Exercises Out There?

What is a Plank?

A plank is a form of static abdominal exercise. It is often used as part of the core stabilization process for other exercises, such as a push-up, or to strengthen the abdominal muscles. The plank position is a demonstration of core strength and stability. It is performed by lying face down on the stomach, placing one's weight on the toes and forearms, and holding this position without moving.

How to Plank

The plank pose exercise rules are:

  • The body should be in a straight line from head to toe
  • The arms should be positioned directly under the shoulders with elbows straight and pointing toward the ground
  • The feet should be together with toes spread out so that they are not touching the floor
  • The back should be flat (not arched) and the head aligned with the spine

Plank benefits

Low Injury

The plank does not require any heavy equipment or strenuous movement. It won’t put as much stress on your joints as other exercises. It is a static, low-injury exercise that helps strengthen your core but also can be done for long periods of time.

Improves Posture

Whenever the core muscles are strengthened, back pain is reduced and posture is improved. The plank exercise engages the core and activates the back muscles to greatly help both of these.

Easy to Do and Can be Done Anywhere

It has a reputation for being one of the hardest exercises around, but it's actually super easy. Best of all since only your body’s weight is needed there’s never an excuse to not workout.

Reduce stress.

As with most exercise, planks improve your mood and help lower stress levels. Planks are especially beneficial for those who experience anxiety or depression because they encourage focus and control.

Improve your bone density.

The best way to build bone density is through weight-bearing exercises that strengthen the bones and joints. Planks are a great full-body exercise with more stability than most other exercises because of the constant pressure on the feet and hands.

In Conclusion

Planks are a go-to core exercise that pays off. They can be done anywhere, anytime, and can be modified for any fitness level. Planks work muscles in the back, stomach, hips, and thighs, which are often neglected during typical workouts. They also help build core strength and balance while building endurance in the lower back. Give your core the exercise that it deserves!


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