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BD-7, Power Rack w/ Lat Pull Station

The Best Home Power Rack Build the gym that you deserve. The Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with LAT Pull Station is a versatile rack that offers several exercise options....
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BE-11, Smith Machine

Smith Machine for Home Gyms Lift safely without a spotter with the BE-11, Smith Machine. It is the perfect addition to any gym. The BE-11 allows users to achieve a...
$1,164.98 $1,048.48
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MB-A, Dip Handles for BD-7 & BD-33 Power Racks

Dip Handle Attachment for BD-7 & BD-33 Power Racks Extend the use of your power cage and squat racks with the MB-A Dip Handle Attachment. Get the gains that you...
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BD-9, Squat Stands

Heavy Duty Squat Stands The Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands are a set of two adjustable upright stands mainly designed for squat movement, but also can function as...
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MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks

Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, and BD-41 Power Racks Purchase your Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20 and BD-41 Power Racks today from Valor Fitness! Features and Benefits SECURE: Steel rod...
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BE-11CB, Counterbalance Cables for BE-11 Smith Machine

Counterbalance Kit for BE-11 Smith Machine Get the most out of your Smith Machine when you use the Valor Fitness BE-11CB, Smith Machine Counterbalance Kit. This kit is specifically designed...
$128.23 $115.41
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MB-H, Safety Catch Set for BD-11 & BD-41 Power Racks

Safety Catch Extension Provides added safety when lifting heavy. Perfect for overhead pin presses. This safety bar extension is an ideal accessory for the BD-11, BD-20, and BD-41 Power Racks....
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ABS-7, Ab Slings

Ab Sling Straps for Hanging Ab Exercises The Valor Fitness ABS-7 Ab Slings are an essential fitness tool for targeting your abdominal/core muscles. Designed with comfort in mind and constructed...
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MB-F, Safety Catch Set for BD-7 & BD-33 Power Racks

Safety Catch Set for BD-7 and BD-33 Power Racks The MB-F Safety Catch Set is designed to give the user the added insurance while lifting. Utilizing a straight, 11.75” rubber...
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MB-E, Short Barbell Holder Set for BD-7 & BD-33 Power Racks

Short Barbell Holder Set for BD-7 and BD-33 Power Racks The Valor Fitness MB-E is a 2” Short Barbell Holder Set designed to enhance and provide added support to one’s...
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BD-CC2.0, Cable Crossover Attachment for BD-7 & BD-33

Cable Crossover Attachment for the BD-7 or BD-33 Power Rack The Valor Fitness BD-CC2.0 Cable Crossover Attachment turns your BD-7 or BD-33 Power Rack into an all-encompassing home gym. Features...
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BD-8, Squat Stands

Heavy-Duty Independent Squat Stands The Valor Fitness BD-8 Independent Squat Stand Towers are a set of adjustable upright stand designed primarily for squat movement but with the ability to accommodate...