Bench/Squat Stands
For those with space limitations, but still looking for the functionality of a heavy-duty power rack.

Bench/Squat Stands

Valor Fitness BD-9 | Squat Stands
The Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands are a set of two adjustable upright stands mainly designed for squat...


Valor Fitness BD-8 | Squat Stands
The Valor Fitness BD-8 Independent Squat Stand Towers are a set of adjustable upright stand designed primarily for squat movement...


Valor Fitness BD-3 | Squat Stands
The Valor Fitness BD-3 Independent Squat Stands were designed for the squat movement but can accommodate a bench for bench...


Valor Fitness BD-2 | Bench Press Stands
The Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands, designed explicitly for the Bench Press movement, requires using either a flat...


Valor Fitness BD-18 | Squat Stand Towers
The Valor Fitness BD-18 Squat Stand Towers is a versatile rack that is the perfect addition to a home or...


Valor Fitness BD-17 | Squat Stand Rack
The Valor Fitness BD-17 Squat and Bench Press Rack is a completely adjustable squat stand that's perfect for any garage...


Valor Fitness BD-57 | Pull-Up/Squat Rack
Looking for the functionality and durability of a RIG in your home gym? Look no further. Introducing the Valor Fitness...


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