Training Sleds

Get stronger, faster, and more conditioned with these heavy-duty steel training sleds. Easy to assemble and mobile, they're a must-have for any gym.
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ES-Sled, Agility Sled

Agility Sled for Conditioning Exercise The ES-Sled Agility Sled is the ideal conditioning workout tool for speed, strength, and agility training. Sled training has multiple uses and benefits, such as...
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ES-PS, Power Sled

Power Sled - The Ultimate Conditioning Tool This Power Sled is heavy duty constructed and built to withstand heavy workouts. Ideal for football training and strength and conditioning. Designed for...
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ES-SS, Snowshoe Sled

Snowshoe Sled for Functional Fitness Get your Snowshoe Sled from Valor Fitness Today! Steel carabiner clips connect sled to Nylon harness and shoulder straps. Ideal for a variety of sled...
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ES-SW, Wheelbarrow Sled

Wheelbarrow Sled for Push-Pull Exercises Train like a champ with the ES-SW Wheelbarrow Sled. This sled is plate loaded, with a capacity of 300lbs. Order your Wheelbarrow Sled from Valor...
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ES-H, Attachable Sled Harness

Sled Harness for Conditioning Exercises Double strap carabiner design to accommodates all sled designs to attach to Valor Fitness products or to your own equipment. 1-year warranty. Features and Benefits:...