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Shop our large selection of RIG attachments. Create the ultimate RIG with our wide range of attachments and take your gym to the next level.
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RG-17, Dip Attachment for Rigs and Racks

Heavy-Duty Dip Attachment for RIGs and Rack Get the dip bar exercise that you deserve with the Valor Fitness RG-17, Dip Attachment. The RG-17 is a heavy-duty versatile add-on for...
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RG-19, RIG Safety Spotter Arms

Safety Spotter Arms for Valor RIGs Lifting alone can be difficult and dangerous. That's why we recommend the use of the RG-19 Safety Spotter Arms, which can help you complete...
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RG-13, Landmine Rig Attachment

Landmine Attachment for Valor Rigs The Valor Fitness RG-13, Landmine Rig Attachment will add dynamic core and rotational exercises to your routine. Used commonly with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)...
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RG-7, J-Hooks Pair

J Hooks for Power Rack The RG-7, J Hooks by Valor Fitness are the ideal barbell holder for your power rack. Our J-Hooks are constructed of heavy duty steel to...
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RG-14, Plate Storage Attachment Pair

Plate Storage Attachment for Valor Rigs and Racks Add some convenience to your Valor Rig with this plate storage attachment. Keep your plates off of the ground and close by...
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RG-23D, Shackle Attachment

Shackle Attachment for Fitness Rigs Enhance your RIG and hang up your rings, rope and more with this extremely strong, easy to install RG-23 Shackle Attachment. Feel safe and secure...
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RG-20, RIG Step Plate Attachment

Step Plate Attachment for Valor Rigs Using a bench or plyo box to reach the pull-up bar on a RIG or rack can get in the way and become more...
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RG-16, Flying Pull-Up Bar

Flying Pull Up Bar for Valor RIGs If you are looking to customize your Valor Fitness RIG, then the RG-16 Flying Pull-Up Bar is the perfect addition! Constructed of 11-gauge...
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RG-15, Beam Extension

Beam Extension for Valor Rigs This extension is the perfect attachment to hang gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, and many other accessories. For a more secure attachment to the RG-15, the...
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RG-12, Wall Ball Target w/ Extension

Wall Ball Target with Extension The Valor Fitness RG-12, Wall Ball Target with Extension is constructed of high-quality 1-inch thick MDF Particle Board. The target has a unique dartboard style...
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RG-ADJ, Adjustable RIG Crossmember

Adjustable RIG Crossmember Need extra space in your garage or commercial gym? The RG-ADJ, Adjustable Rig Crossmember is perfect for anyone with space concerns allowing for the uprights to consume...
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RG-22, Wall Ball Target

Wall Ball Target for Cross-Training Workouts If you're looking to cross-train and improve your explosive power, it's time to get serious. The Valor Fitness RG-22 Wall Ball Target is the...