Valor Fitness RT | RT Band Collection (Multiple Weights, Bundles)
Use our resistance bands for a significant PT workout or for an intense upper body workout. The variety of weight...

$18.98 - $94.98

Valor Fitness PRB | Resistance Bands (XS-XXL)
XS - RED - 41" long resistance band. 0.25" wide provides 2-15lb of force. S - PURPLE - 41" long resistance...

$16.13 - $69.33

Valor Fitness HB-3 | Hip Bands
Product Description Get Toned and Mobile with The Valor Fitness Hip Bands Work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more with...


Valor Fitness ED-18 | 5-Band Resistance Band Set
Product Description The Valor Fitness ED-18 Set of 5 Conditioning Bands provides a resistance variety. Set comes with 1 extra-light...


Valor Fitness KIT-KB1 | Home Gym Kettlebell Kit
This Valor Fitness Home Gym Kit is the perfect bundle for those who want a great workout with limited equipment!...


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