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PRB, Resistance Bands (XS-XXL)

Resistance Bands for At-Home Fitness The Valor Fitness PRB Resistance Bands are a great tool to add intensity to or assist you in a number of workouts such as pull...
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RT, Resistance Band Collection (Multiple Weights, Bundles)

Heavy Resistance Bands with Handles Use our resistance bands for a significant PT workout or for an intense upper body workout. The variety of weight capacities provide endless possibilities. Features...
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ED-18, 5-Band Resistance Band Set

Conditioning Band Set Resistance bands are a traditional tool used by physical therapists and trainers to help their patients and clients gain strength, improve mobility, rehabilitate an injury. Now you...
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MB-7, Resistance Band Handles

The Valor Fitness MB-7, Resistance Band Handles are a great tool to add variety to your resistance band workout. These lightweight yet strong Handles are constructed of 12-gauge steel and...
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HB-3, Hip Bands

The Best Booty Bands, Resistance Bands For Your Glutes Get toned and mobile with the Valor Fitness HB-3 Hip Bands! Work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more with these easy-to-wear,...
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MB-L, Resistance Band Pegs

MB-L, Resistance Band Pegs The Valor Fitness MB-L Band Pegs allow you to add resistance to your squats, bench press, and many other movements. The band pegs (4 included) attach...
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ED-19, Wall Mount Hook Bracket

Wall Mount Hook Bracket Looking for a better way to use your favorite fitness straps, bands, and ropes in your home or garage gym when a pull-up bar and door...
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ED-16, Safety Sleeve Resistance Tube

Safety Sleeve Resistance Tube The Valor Fitness ED-16, Safety Sleeve Resistance Tube perfect for training on the go! Light and mobile, this resistance band can literally go anywhere! Ideal for...