Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands
Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands
Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands
Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands
Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands
Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands

Valor Fitness BD-2, Bench Press Stands

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The Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands, designed explicitly for the Bench Press movement, requires using either a flat or incline bench as they are not compatible with the squatting function. Constructed of high quality 12-gauge steel with a 2"x 2" solid frame, the BD-2 was designed intentionally for the weight load of up to 500lbs to be directed downward, providing more stability.

BD-2 Bench Press Stands Features:

  • HEAVY DUTY: Constructed of 12-gauge 2” x 2” steel frame with telescoping uprights. Each foot of each stand encased with rubber end caps for stability and floor protection. Storage pegs add further stability when loaded.
  • J-HOOKS: J-hook bar catch to rest the bar when not in use. Locking bar catch on J-hook locks bar in place while changing place to ensure user safety.
  • SAFETY CATCH: Protects user in the event the lift cannot be completed. Each safety catch measures 9.75” long and 1.75" wide. Protective rubber strip to protect bar from scratching.
  • ADJUSTABLE: 9 adjustable positions for uprights, 16” range of adjustments (adjusts with popper pin). 12 adjustable positions for safety catch, 11” range of adjustments (adjusts with locking pin). Height of unit ranges from 33.75” to 49.5”.
  • ADDITIONAL: 7” plate storage pegs allow for a clean and organized home gym. Designed specifically for bench press function. To accommodate standard Olympic barbell, stands should be placed 27.5” inches apart to bring total width of footprint to 56.5”. Max weight load of 500 lb.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands  66 35 25 5 56.5x28.5x33.75-49.5



Ask a Question
  • As owner of a Valor Fitness BD-9 squat stand I have the following question: Does the safety catch of these BD-2 bench press stands fit into my BD-9 stand? I have a recurrent lower back issue and I am looking for a solution to perform shoulder pushes without the necessity to lift the barbell from the ground to shoulder height at the beginning of every series, if you get my meaning. The J-hooks of my BD-9 are too narrow to be comfortable for this purpose. I need a wide catch to put down or pick up the bar in a second without much aiming.

    Unfortunately, the safety catches from the BD-2 are not meant to fit with any other item.

  • Can these be used as squat stands for someone who is 5'5?

    It is not recommended for squatting, but if you start from the bottom position of the squat, it will work (although making the exercise considerably more difficult).

    For squat stands, we would recommend the BD-8 or the BD-9.

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