Cross Training

For those who love functional fitness and any athlete seeking to add some variety to their workout – this group of products is sure to help you achieve that calorie burning and muscle building workout you desire.
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Climbing & Combat RopesConditioning

BRB-WO, 40-Foot Battle Rope

Battle Rope Workouts don't have to suck. Battle Rope brings the fun back to exercise with a low-impact way to build muscle, burn calories, and get stronger. Our rope is...
Core and StretchingCross Training

CB-29, Adjustable Glute and Ham Developer (GHD)

Glute Hamstring Machine for Glute Hamstring Raises The Glute and Ham Developer is perfect for strengthening your lower body. Just lock your feet in and use our heavy-duty, solid GHD...
AgilityCross Training

PBX-B, Wood Plyometric Box (18” x 20” x 24”)

Wooden Plyo Box The PBX-B, Wooden Plyometric Jump Box is the perfect home or box gym must-have for any athlete looking to increase the difficulty of their plyometrics training. It's...
ConditioningCross Training

ES-Sled, Agility Sled

Agility Sled for Conditioning Exercise The ES-Sled Agility Sled is the ideal conditioning workout tool for speed, strength, and agility training. Sled training has multiple uses and benefits, such as...
AgilityCross Training

PBS-A, Soft Plyometric Box (20” x 24” x 30”)

Soft Plyo Box for Jumping Exercises The Valor Fitness PBS-A Soft Plyo box is a perfect addition to a home or light-commercial gym that was designed for user safety. Unlike...
$259.33 $220.43

SR, Speed Rope (Red or Black)

Adjustable Speed Rope Whether you need a tool for your next WOD, training for boxing, or you just need to get your heart rate up with some rope skipping, you...

SR-2A, Adjustable Speed Rope (2.5mm Cable)

Adjustable Speed Rope Jump into fitness with the SR-2A Adjustable Speed Rope. Jumping rope is a great exercise for any athlete looking to improve strength, endurance, and coordination. Speed ropes...
BalanceCross Training

PR-LT, Gymnastic Parallette Bars

Parallette Bars for Gymnastic and Conditioning Exercises If you're looking for a new way to strengthen your core, enhance your balance, and improve overall performance in your training, then the...
Cross TrainingGymnastics

GRA-2, Plastic Gymnastic Rings

Plastic Gymnastic Rings Training with rings offers exceptionally effective bodyweight exercises. Predominantly an upper-body training tool, there are countless exercises to use with these rings to build incredible strength and promote...
ConditioningCross Training

HR-1.5, Heavy Jump Rope (1.5")

Weighted Heavy Jump Rope The Valor Fitness HR-1.5, Heavy Jump Rope is a versatile conditioning tool. It delivers a full body workout. Best of all it is portable and can...
$40.83 $30.62
ConditioningCross Training

ES-PS, Power Sled

Power Sled - The Ultimate Conditioning Tool This Power Sled is heavy duty constructed and built to withstand heavy workouts. Ideal for football training and strength and conditioning. Designed for...
AgilityCross Training

PBX-A, Wood Plyometric Box (20” x 24” x 30”)

Wood Plyometric Box for Jump Training Exercise The Valor Fitness PBX-A Wooden Plyo Box is perfect for all your in-home, plyometric jump training needs. The PBX-A is designed to withstand...