Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge
Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge
Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge
Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge
Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge

Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge

Regular price $18.98

Deadlift Wedge, Alternative to Deadlift Barbell Jack

The Valor Fitness ED-DW, Deadlift Wedge is ideal for weightlifters of all levels. Lifters get the benefits of a barbell jack with this compact, affordable tool.

ED-DW Deadlift Wedge Features & Benefits:

  • CHANGE PLATES WITH EASE: Adding and removing plates doesn't have to be a hassle anymore. The Deadlift Wedge is designed to make it easier for you to unload your barbell. No more struggling to get your plates on and off your bar! Crater design prevents the bar from rolling while you fetch your plates, keeping your gym safe.
  • ELEVATES WEIGHT OFF THE FLOOR: With 0.5" elevation from the cratered design, the Deadlift Wedge lifts the inner plate off the floor. This allows plates to be removed or added without lifting the bar or dragging plates against the floor, which can often be a hassle.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply roll the inner plate up the angled wedge ramp, remove your collars, add (or remove) your weight, clamp plates back in place, roll off and repeat. Easier and more effective than wasting your change plates under the bar.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: While extremely strong, durable, and built to last, the Deadlift Wedge is smaller and lighter than a heavy deadlift jack but just as versatile. Save your energy, and your wallet, with the compact wedge that comes at a fraction of the cost of a barbell jack.
  • VERSATILE: Use in your home gym or toss in your gym bag! Can be used with steel, cast iron, or rubber bumper plates up to 1,000 lb and with an Olympic bar, deadlift bar, or hex bar. Available as an individual deadlift wedge or as a pair.
A lightweight, affordable, and simple alternative to bulky and pricey deadlift jacks! The ED-DW is a rubber Deadlift Wedge designed with an angled ramp with a crater to elevate your plates off the floor, making loading and unloading plates from your bar easy and hassle-free. Available as an individual Deadlift Wedge or as a pair.


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