AB-MAT More Info

The Valor Fitness AB-Mat Ab Mat is an essential abdominal training piece of equipment with a detachable extended pad for additional stability as well as comfort for your lower back and tailbone. The contoured shape of the AB-Mat is designed to fit the lower back for optimal comfort and lumbar support. Made of high-density foam and durable vinyl, it is made to fit all athletes of different sizes and experience.

Lying on the mat allows the user to elongate the spine and lengthens the abdominal muscles for a much more effective exercise. This Ab Mat can be used for a variety of core strengthening exercises, such as crunches, leg lifts, and sit-ups, but it can also be used for much more advanced exercises. For example, it can be used as a cushion to protect your head during handstand push-ups.

Although very similar to the Valor Fitness ABM-12 Ab Mat, the AB-Mat is different by way of a detachable extended pad that is connected by a Velcro strip. This extended pad can be used as a cushion for the knees, lower back, and tailbone while performing different exercises. Not only can the pad be detached or laid out flat, it can also be folded underneath the Ab-Mat to add more of a cushion.

This high-quality Ab Mat will ensure you are stable and will not roll or wobble during use. Take your core strengthening and improve other aspects of your performance with the Valor Fitness AB-Mat Ab Mat for Lumbar Support and Core Strengthening.