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With 41" of inside working space, you will have plenty of room to slide your bench in place to perform bench press movements. The BD-17 features adjustable barbell j-hooks, as well as a locking bar catch, an added bar catch, and a safety catch in the event your squat or bench press cannot be completed. The j-hook position can be adjusted from 49" to 78", while the bar catch adjusts from 28" to 43.75", and the safety catch adjusts from 22" to 37.5". The entire unit height adjusts from 53" to 83" tall. This unique squat rack also features 2 storage pegs on the frame (1 on each side, measuring 6" each) to add functionality.

While allowing a clean and organized home gym by providing you with a place to store your weight plates, the storage pegs also add more stability to the already solid foundation of this rack when they are utilized and filled with weight.

With a maximum weight load of 475 lb and a footprint of 21.5" x 45", the Valor Fitness BD-17 Squat and Bench Press Rack is the perfect addition to your home gym so you can perform your leg and chest workout!