BH-19 More Info

If you're tired of going back and forth across the gym to move plates or get them closer to your barbell or machine, then this is the perfect addition to your fitness space! The 36" long plate storage peg can easily accommodate up to 500 lb worth of weight plates, including rubber bumper plates! Keep in mind the true amount of plates you can fit on the BH-19 will depend on the thickness of your Olympic plates.

Once you move the stand to your desired location, the durable caster wheels can be locked to keep your gym setting safe by ensure the unit will not move or roll on its own. With a small footprint of 18" x 19.5", and a height of 41.75", the Valor Fitness BH-19 Mobile Bumper Plate Stand is small enough to save you plenty of space in your gym by keeping all of your weights in a small, confined space.