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Designed with a 40” long, heavy-duty steel chain and carabiner clip to support up to 200 lb of weight. The 30” long padding built with heavy-duty stitching can hold up under intense pressure and repeated use. Use regularly with weight plates or kettlebells to see quick results and a strong, sculpted upper body and core.

Simply loop the heavy-duty chain through the mouth opening of the weight plate or under the handle of the kettlebell and attach the carabiner clip to the other side of the belt. Users can shorten the length of the chain to meet their needs by looping it through the D-ring on the opposite before adding weight – this allows more depth for certain exercises and users.

If required, multiple weight plates can be added to the belt at once to further increase the intensity. Use in combination with Valor Fitness MB-A or MB-B Dip Handles or the Valor Fitness CA-16 Vertical Knee Raise Tower. One size fits all.