EH-36 More Info

The Valor Fitness EH-36 Ankle/Wrist Weight Set, 2-Pound & 3-Pound, includes 2 different pairs of Ankle/Wrist Weights: one 2 lb. pair and one 3 lb. pair. These are an excellent accessory to any workout.

Made of a high quality, soft elastic neoprene shell with an iron sand fill and nylon piping trip, this accessory can be used to further increase the intensity of a number of workouts, including a simple walk or jog. The resistance can be also be used for injury rehabilitation. The weights can be easily adjusted to the user’s preference, with polyester Velcro straps and a chrome steel buckle to securely fasten them in the desired position and to easily loosen and remove.

Use the EH-36 Ankle/Wrist Weight Set to add some resistance and increase the intensity of your workout.