MB-7 More Info

The Valor Fitness MB-7 Resistance Band Handles are a great tool to add variety to your resistance band workout. These lightweight yet strong Handles are constructed of 12-gauge steel and chrome plated for durability. The MB-7 can be used with a variety of resistance bands to customize your workouts with unique strength and conditioning exercises by simply attaching the resistance band to a power rack or any stable upright and hooking the handle over the band. While grasping the knurled handle for a strong grip, you can perform chest presses, flies, rows, lat pull downs, and many other while also using these heavy duty handles to assist with stretching. The curved, smooth design prevents any tearing or damage to resistance bands and protects the band to ensure a longer product lifetime. Meant for use in home or light-commercial gyms, the MB- 7 Resistance Band Handles is a great addition to add variety to your workout routine.