Valor Fitness CLR-25, 25ft Sisal Climbing Rope

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Competition Tested Climbing Rope

Our Sisal Climbing Rope is strong and durable. It is an ideal tool for functional fitness training. The Valor CLR-25 Rope is the perfect addition to your home gym. Purchase one today!

Features and Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY CLIMBING ROPE: This high quality 25' long, 1.5" thick rope is made for strength and durability, with the ability to support up to 300 lb! Our Climbing Rope has been tested tough and proven in over 40 cross training events throughout Florida.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The CLR-25 fitness rope has deep pivots for a comfortable grip during your rope climbing workout. The climbing rope knots well (important for climbing gear) for safety by providing more grip if beginners can’t perform rope climbs.
  • SPLICED ROPE FOR EASY MOUNT: This durable workout rope is spliced to create a loop at the end of the climbing rope and held together with heated shrunk vinyl to for a safe anchor point which also prevents the climbing rope from fraying after repeated use.
  • THE ULTIMATE CONDITIONING TOOL: Climbing rope builds upper body strength and muscle, burns fat, improves grip, and increases endurance for all athletes. Often used in cross training, strength and conditioning, and other fitness programs!
  • ADDITIONAL: Store climbing rope in a dry, indoor setting. Warning: rope climbing can be dangerous - Valor Fitness does not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads and a spotter.

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The evolution of fitness to functional movements has sparked a rebirth in the simple, yet highly effective art of training with ropes. Athletes can effectively build upper body strength and muscle, burn fat, improve grip, and increase endurance through rope climbing, commonly seen in cross-training, functional conditioning training, and military or police training. Measuring 25’ in length and 1.5” in diameter, the Valor Fitness CLR-25 Sisal Climbing Rope has been tested tough in over 40 events throughout Florida and is strong enough to hold up to 300 lb.

This heavy-duty rope made with sisal is designed with deep divots to provide an easier, more comfortable grip and allows the rope to knot well. Knotting the rope is a safe way to train beginners by creating a grip they can use while scaling a rope. The spliced rope created a loop at the end that is held together with a heat shrunk vinyl sleeve to provide a safe anchor point and prevent fraying.

The CLR-25 should be stored dry. Please note that rope climbing is inherently dangerous – Valor Fitness does not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads at the base as well as a spotter. By purchasing this product with this warning, Valor Athletics Inc. absolves itself from any claims made while using the CLR-25 Sisal Climbing Rope.


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