Dip Belt - Valor Fitness DB-1
Dip Belt - Valor Fitness DB-1
Dip Belt - Valor Fitness DB-1
Dip Belt - Valor Fitness DB-1
Dip Belt - Valor Fitness DB-1
Dip Belt - Valor Fitness DB-1


Valor Fitness DB-1 | Dip Belt

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Dip Belt - DB-1

Adding extra weight to dips or pull ups is a great way to add intensity to your workouts and increase strength by developing the muscles in the arms and back. The Valor Fitness DB-1 Dip Belt is the perfect training accessory to use while performing weighted dips or pull ups.

  • ENHANCE UPPER BODY WORKOUTS: Add intensity to workouts such as dips, pull ups, and many more by adding weight to the chain. The added weight resistance on the dip belts with chain enhances muscle and strength building in the back and arms.


  • COMFORTABLE: Wide and fully padded, you will never have to feel the discomfort of digging into your skin or side while adding weight. The contoured design of this belt supports your back while performing heavy dips and fit comfortably.


  • PERFECT LENGTH: This pull up belt is long enough for any plate or weight. Dip at ease without the hesitation of the weight hitting you in that sensitive area. The chain measures 40” long and can handle multiple kettlebells or weight plates.


  • INCREDIBLE STRENGTH: The 30” long padding created with heavy-duty stitching to hold up under intense pressure and repeated use while using this weighted belt. Designed with steel chain and carabiner clip to support up to 200 lb of weight.


  • ADDITIONAL: Use in combination with Valor Fitness MB-A or MB-B Dip Handles or the Valor Fitness CA-16 Vertical Knee Raise Tower for strong, sculpted abs, arms, and back muscles.



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