3 Effective Ways to Enhance Your Pull-Up Performance

3 Effective Ways to Enhance Your Pull-Up Performance

3 Helpful Ways to Excel Your Pull-ups - Valor Fitness

Need help with your pull-up game?

Maybe you can squeeze in a few but would like to knock out more, or maybe you have never even gotten one. Either way, these tips can help you reach your goals. Try these 3 simple ways to drastically improve your pull-ups:

1. Practice Hollow Holds

One of the most common mistakes in performing a pull-up is bad form. You want your midline to be tight and engaged, not loose and unstable. The best way to build this is by doing hollow holds or hollow rocks. When you increase your midline stability, it makes everything else easier. According to Breaking Muscle, if you want to move like a gymnast, you must have a strong hollow body position. Work on your hollow hold position and transfer it to your pull-up and you will feel a huge difference.

Hollow Holds Valor Fitness

2. Use Assistance Bands

Assisted pull-ups are a great way to replicate the pull-up movement and incorporate those muscles used to perform a strict pull-up. Using bands to assist you prevents your legs from moving and keeps your body tight. You can start by using a heavy, easier pull-up band and as you progress, work your way up to a lighter band with less assistance.


Assisted pull-up with resistance band Valor Fitness

3. Mix Your Grip

Your body plateaus less often when you change up your exercise routine. Mixing your pull-up grip while doing pull-ups is a great way to continue to improve them. Incorporate movements such as chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, narrow grip pull-ups, hammer grip, etc. to challenge all of those pulling muscles in the upper body and lead you to develop a stronger overall pull-up.

Valor Fitness Chin-Up Bar


Less is more.

A common misconception is that there needs to be a substantial amount of strength in order to perform pull-ups and there needs to be vigorous weight training involved in order to do them. What we don’t realize is the value in repetition and form. Train the movement itself and practice good technique and it will make a huge difference.

What does your current pull-up training look like?

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