Advantages of Cable Machines for Your At-Home Workouts

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Are you reevaluating your choices as you create the perfect home gym and wondering if you need a cable machine? The short answer is yes, yes you do. Cable machines provide a very controlled motion and allow you to isolate one muscle group at a time. These machines are great for all levels of fitness – from serious weight training to novice and recreational athletes. Everyone can benefit from using a cable machine!

 The versatility of cable machines allows for a vast variety of exercises making it a smart investment for your home gym. Some of the most common moves are bicep curls, rows, lateral pull-downs, and chest presses. Each of these exercises requires moving your arms in different directions, thus building your upper body strength. Looking to work your lower body, too? Not a problem! Many of our cable machines include ankle attachments giving you the option of cool exercises like cable kickbacks and hip adductions.  

Another huge advantage of using cable machines versus free weights is the range of motion you can cover. Work your body horizontally or diagonally, with moves like chest flyes, cable chops, and core rotations – the possibilities are endless! In addition to the vast range of motion, cable machines provide constant resistance, allowing you to build strong, lean muscles.

Safety First

Cable machines are considered a safe piece of exercise equipment for all levels, but always make sure to follow these safety guidelines to avoid injuries.

  1. Cable machines take up a lot of floor space, so make sure you allow enough room to freely move during your workouts.
  2. If you’re not sure what height to set the cables at, or how to do a move, ask a professional for help. 
  3. Choose a weight that’s comfortable and allows you to use the proper form without overdoing it.
  4. Check the cables and attachments before each use them to make sure there’s no damage (fraying) on the cables.
  5. Only use the attachments designed for your cable machine and don’t change the equipment by adding plates or other resistance to the weight stacks.

 Ready to add an awesome cable machine to your home gym? We’re here to help! As the leader in strength and conditioning equipment in the nation, Valor Fitness is here to help you improve your wellness.

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Would be great if you could do a YouTube cable workout one could follow. I purchased your squat system and all the pulley attachments for my home. Always looking to follow a workout to make sure I’m doing things correctly. I would even purchase a workout that could be viewed through YouTube

Jerri Bozeman ,

Great customer service….kudos to Evan Athey.
Recently purchased a lat pull down machine which was missing 2 small parts..critical parts. Called the # on my paperwork…that’s where Evan came in…cordial, helpful and my parts are on the way.

Mark Williams ,

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