Get back to basics with our boxing/MMA equipment. Whether it be for stress relief or casual training, our boxing line will help you develop hand speed and punching power.

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Boxing BagsBoxing/MMA

CA-12, Speed Bag

Speed Bag for Endurance Training Whether you're training for a fight or just looking to get in shape, the CA-12 Speed Bag is the perfect tool for your needs. This...
Boxing BagsBoxing/MMA

VB-APB-42, Adjustable Heavy Punching Bag

Adjustable Heavy Punching Bag Looking to add variation to your workouts? The Valor Fitness VB-APB-42 Adjustable Heavy Punching Bag will bring your fitness level to new heights with a great...
Boxing PlatformsBoxing/MMA

CA-53, Adjustable 2” Boxing Speed Bag Platform (Speed Bag Included)

Adjustable Boxing Speed Bag and Platform Purchase includes Adjustable Boxing Speed Bag Platform - lightweight, 10” speed bag to improve hand speed, hand-eye coordination, timing, punch power, and shoulder endurance,...
Boxing PlatformsBoxing/MMA

VB-BR-1, Punching Bag Stand

Heavy-Duty Punching Bag Stand Constructed of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability, the bag station can hold a punching bag as heavy as 150lb. The tripod base ensures that the...
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CA-17, Wall Mount for Heavy Punching Bag

Wall Mount for Heavy Punching Bag Securely mount a heavy punching bag to the CA-17 Wall Mount. This versatile unit is a space saver in any home or light-commercial gym...
Boxing PlatformsBoxing/MMA

CA-2, Adjustable 1" Boxing Speed Bag Platform (Speed Bag Included)

Boxing Speed Bag for Home Gyms Punching power and speed are crucial for boxers. You can practice these skills with a speedbag workout or improve your hand-eye coordination. Features and...
Boxing PlatformsBoxing/MMA

CA-50, 2-Inch Thick Speed Bag Platform

2-inch Speed bag Platform The CA-50 is a Boxing Speed Bag Platform designed with home-gyms in mind. Made with 2” thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) 24” in diameter to allow...
Boxing PlatformsBoxing/MMA

CA-10, Boxing Speed Bag with 1" Platform

Boxing Speed Bag with Platform The Valor Fitness CA-10 Speed Bag Platform Mini with Bag and Pump packs the same punch as the CA-2. The only difference being that this...
Boxing PlatformsBoxing/MMA

CA-9, Speed Bag Swivel

Speed Bag Platform Swivel The Valor Fitness CA-9 is a swivel base for your speed bag platform. This swivel base is designed to be more stable and forgiving than the...
Boxing GlovesBoxing/MMA

VB-G, Boxing Gloves (10oz, 12oz)

Boxing Gloves for Training, Sparring or Competition The VB-G Boxing Gloves are constructed with durability, support, and comfort in mind. These quality boxing gloves are made with black polyurethane leather...
Boxing Hand WrapsBoxing/MMA

VB-HW-106, 106 Inch Boxing Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps for Boxing and MMA Our Boxing & MMA Hand Wraps are a must-have product for any fighter. Our handwraps provide extra protection, support, and comfort. These wraps are...
Boxing GlovesBoxing/MMA

VB-BG, Boxing Bag Gloves

Boxing Gloves That Pack a Punch Train like a pro with the VB-BG, Boxing Bag Gloves. They are the perfect addition to your kick boxing, martial arts, or boxing bag...