Boxing Platforms

Train your boxing skills with equipment you can rely on. Our strong, durable platforms will securely hold your boxing bag for a lifetime long of training.
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CA-53, Adjustable 2” Boxing Speed Bag Platform (Speed Bag Included)

Adjustable Boxing Speed Bag and Platform Purchase includes Adjustable Boxing Speed Bag Platform - lightweight, 10” speed bag to improve hand speed, hand-eye coordination, timing, punch power, and shoulder endurance,...
BoxingBoxing Platforms

CA-2, Adjustable 1" Boxing Speed Bag Platform (Speed Bag Included)

Boxing Speed Bag for Home Gyms Punching power and speed are crucial for boxers. You can practice these skills with a speedbag workout or improve your hand-eye coordination. Features and...
BoxingBoxing Platforms

CA-50, 2-Inch Thick Speed Bag Platform

2-inch Speed bag Platform The CA-50 is a Boxing Speed Bag Platform designed with home-gyms in mind. Made with 2” thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) 24” in diameter to allow...
BoxingBoxing Platforms

CA-9, Speed Bag Swivel

Speed Bag Platform Swivel The Valor Fitness CA-9 is a swivel base for your speed bag platform. This swivel base is designed to be more stable and forgiving than the...
BoxingBoxing Platforms

VB-BR-1, Punching Bag Stand

Heavy-Duty Punching Bag Stand Constructed of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability, the bag station can hold a punching bag as heavy as 150lb. The tripod base ensures that the...
BoxingBoxing Platforms

CA-10, Boxing Speed Bag with 1" Platform

Boxing Speed Bag with Platform The Valor Fitness CA-10 Speed Bag Platform Mini with Bag and Pump packs the same punch as the CA-2. The only difference being that this...
BoxingBoxing Platforms

CA-50PLUS, 2” Boxing Speed Bag Platform with Speed bag and Swivel

Speed Bag Platform with Speed Bag and Swivel If you're looking for the perfect speed bag platform for your home, Valor Fitness has a solution for you. This platform will...