Resistance Bands with Handles (Multiple Sizes)

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51” Resistance Band Sets with Handles for Upper Body Training

Transform your training and rehabilitation routines with our versatile and durable resistance bands, designed for users seeking a safe, comfortable, and effective way to enhance their workouts. These bands are perfect for those seeking a complete upper body workout, mobility improvement, or effective rehabilitation exercises. Our resistance bands are not just a fitness accessory but a versatile tool for anyone looking to enhance their fitness routine, improve mobility, or simply add a new dimension to their workouts, all while bring versatility, safety, and effectiveness to your workout routine.

Features and Benefits:

  • MAXIMUM SAFETY AND COMFORT: Experience worry-free workouts with our bands that offer maximum resistance without the risk of snapping. The protective sheath ensures your skin is safe from irritation and your anti-snap bands are protected, providing a comfortable and secure workout every time.
  • UPPER BODY FOCUS: Whether you're aiming to strengthen your shoulders, mid-back, or upper back and traps, these bands offer the versatility to target all upper body muscles. Their light construction allows for a full range of exercises, making them perfect for a complete upper body routine.
  • RANGE OF MOTION: Need help with shoulder pain and limited movement? These bands offer stable, controlled resistance, ideal for strengthening those crucial smaller muscle fibers and enhancing your overall mobility and flexibility without strain.
  • PORTABLE WORKOUT SOLUTION: Lightweight and portable, these bands come with handles and carabiner clips and the resistance bands can be attached anywhere you choose with the options to purchase for – doors, rigs and racks, walls, or all of the options with a full set, allowing you to maintain your workout routine wherever you are.
  • EFFECTIVE DUAL-ARM TECHNIQUE: Measuring 51" at resting length, these bands are designed to be used together for optimal resistance adjustment, ensuring you get the most out of your warm-ups, workouts, or cool-downs.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SET OPTIONS: Satisfying to all fitness levels, our multiple set options include a pair of bands in various weight capacities (5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb resistance), along with multiple different attachment options and a travel bag, providing a full workout solution whether you're at home gym or in any workout area.
  • BEGINNER AND ADVANCED OPTIONS: Choose between our beginner set for lighter, more frequent movements, ideal for muscle rehabilitation, physical therapy, or low-intensity workouts, or our advanced set for targeting larger muscle groups with higher resistance.
  • BAND CARE AND USAGE: For the longevity and performance of your bands, avoid rough surfaces and overstretching. Always attach the bands to a secure anchor and release them carefully after use to prevent snapping back or other injuries.


Box Dimensions

Individual Band Set (Any Size) Box: 12x9x1 (2lbs)
Bag Box 1/1: 5x1x1 (1lb)
Door Belt Box 1/1: 5x3x1 (1lb)
Door Anchor Box 1/1: 4x3x1 (1lb)
Handles Box 1/1: 5x2x1 (1lb)
Rack Straps Box 1/1: 4x2x1 (1lb)
Wall Brackets Box 1/1: 8x6x3 (2lbs)

(LxWxH in inches)

Questions & Answers

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  • Re your RT bands, when a resistance is indicated such as 5 lb, 10lb., etc. Is that at max stretch? Tube resistance gets stronger as they are stretched. It s not clear if the resistance indicated is the start or at max. Is there a chart of some sort that might show this?

    Thanks for your question! The max length of each band when fully stretched is 150". When stretched approximately 3/4 of the total length you will reach the indicated resistance. If you stretch it further to the maximum length the resistance will increase about 25%. For example, if you stretch the 15 lb band to the maximum stretch it will reach approximately 20 lb of resistance.

  • Hello. Is there a recommended height (and width) when mounting the wall brackets?

    Considering that there are a plethora of exercises compatible with our resistance bands, it's based on your preference. Generally, mounting the wall brackets around sternum height is a good reference point. Hope that helps!

  • Hello, Do you have any instructions or examples on how to properly use the rack straps and belts included with the product? I did not see any how to use instructions included in the package or on the site. Thank you!

    The door belt raps around the door and buckles in the back. Tighten down the straps and close the door attaching the bands to the D rings in the front.